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12 x 24 inches

Record Keeper

Record Keeper

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In a whimsical world where shapes tell stories and colors sing, the “Record Keeper” acoustic panel stands tall. This vibrant felt creation isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a silent guardian of memories and whispers of the past.

The top section features two large black circles, resembling curious eyes, watching over your space with a gentle presence. Below, a row of sharp, upward-pointing triangles in black could be seen as mountains or the peaks of challenges overcome. The middle section, with its smaller triangles, represents the little victories and daily triumphs. The intersecting lines in the lower middle section hint at a form of ancient tally marks, a nod to the stories and records this panel ‘keeps’. Finally, the bottom row of downward-pointing triangles mirrors the peaks above, grounding the piece in balance and symmetry.

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