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12 x 24 inches

New York

New York

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In the bustling heart of a city that never sleeps, “New York” captures the architectural elegance and rhythm of urban life. This felt acoustic panel stands as a testament to the grandeur of skyscrapers and the symmetry of cityscapes, bringing a touch of metropolitan charm into any space.

The design features rows of black arched and rectangular shapes set against a calming beige background, reminiscent of the iconic windows and facades of New York’s historic buildings. Each row of shapes is separated by a thin black line, suggesting the structured layers of city blocks and the constant upward gaze of the skyline. The repetitive yet varied patterns evoke the pulse of city life, with its blend of order and dynamic energy. This piece is more than just an art panel; it’s a tribute to the architectural beauty and timeless spirit of New York City.

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