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12 x 24 inches

Cyber Girl

Cyber Girl

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In a digital dreamscape where elegance meets precision, “Cyber Girl” emerges as a sentinel of style and sophistication. This felt acoustic panel combines bold colors and intricate lines, creating a mesmerizing blend of modernity and warmth.

The upper portion, in a calming lavender hue, represents the tranquility of a clear mind, enhanced by wavy black lines that mimic the gentle flow of thoughts. The central black circle and short horizontal lines form an abstract eye and a winking gesture, giving the panel a playful yet knowing expression. The lower section, in a warm orange shade, grounds the piece with a sense of earthiness and connection. Dotted lines encircle like whispered secrets, while the bold black curves outline lips, adding a touch of mystery and allure to the persona. This artwork isn’t just a visual treat; it’s an exploration of the balance between serenity and complexity in the modern world.

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