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12 x 24 inches

Cyber Boy

Cyber Boy

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In a realm where technology meets artistry, “Cyber Boy” stands as a testament to the fusion of the digital and the organic. This felt acoustic panel, with its striking colors and geometric precision, is more than just a visual delight; it’s a narrative woven into the fabric of innovation.

The top section, bathed in a soothing green, symbolizes the harmony of nature, juxtaposed with sleek black lines that curve and angle sharply, representing the structured chaos of modern technology. The singular black dot and bar hint at an eye and a visor, evoking the essence of a futuristic guardian. Below, the soft, earthy beige ground stabilizes the panel, while the zigzag patterns and linear designs speak to the constant flux and dynamic energy of the cyber world. This piece isn’t just art; it’s a dialogue between the past and the future, inviting viewers to explore the balance of life and technology.

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